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Bob Means

Founder/ Construction Installer

Bob Means got his start in plumbing 35 years ago when, after high school, he took a job at a local plumbing supply company. Over the next ten years, Bob refined his skills and gained experience working for local businesses. In 1996, Bob was inspired to start his own plumbing company. Over the next two decades, Bob built a personal reputation in the industry for quality, attention to detail and personal service and quickly became a plumber that other professionals turned to for advice. Bob’s steadfast leadership grew the business year over year and weathered many storms common to the residential building industry. In 2018, Bob decided to step back from day-to-day operations and sold the business to his nephew, Chris Patrick. Bob returned to the field, where he fell in love with the trade decades ago. Today, Bob remains an active part of Bob Means Plumbing undertaking service calls, residential plumbing installations and mentoring your technicians. Bob lives in Mechanicsburg with his wife. They have four sons and one beautiful granddaughter.